7 Reasons Why You Should Be Exposing Your Brand


Businesses today count on exposing their brand to bring in profits. Your brand is worth a fortune in gold and if you allow it to diminish in any way, your business will begin to lose its profitability and eventually be forced to close its doors. Therefore, you should take exposing your brand seriously There are a number of ways to expose your brand and the following are only a few reasons why you should.

  • Promote your brand and not the product
  • Some businesses make the mistake of mixing their brand with their product, although these two are different. Your brand sums up your product’s attributes and presents those attributes as name, price, packaging, history, reputation as well as the type of advertisement you choose to make your brand known to the consumers. Most businesses realise that having a strong brand name is the key ingredient to increasing visibility and profits.

  • Take emotions seriously
  • You want to help your potential client understand what your brand is and what it stands for when pitching to a potential client. Speak to their emotions and help the client to understand how your brand can provide the solution to their presenting problem.

    Take for example a hair salon who has a new client who previously used another salon. You can appeal to her emotions by saying something like, “When you leave this salon you will look like a million dollars”

    As looking good is very important to her you have touched on something very valuable to her and chances are she will end up being a returning customer. You have to truly make her look a million dollars or you will have damaged your brand

  • Use brand strategy
  • Brand strategy or positioning as some people call it, is what puts your brand out there in front of the consumers. To do a good job, you must have a clear strategy to work with when pitching in the marketplace. In addition, knowing which customers to target will put your brand in a better position to sell your goods and services in the marketplace.

  • Use brand identity
  • Brand identity is a way of demonstrating your business brand in a number of different ways and wining sales. Some ways you can display your brand’s identity are through social media, email, print and videos.

    Graphic design is a sure way of encouraging brand identity in the marketplace because it reflects the strategic position of the business and reaches the targeted audience by being consistently visible. The packaging must reflect your brand values, the colours must be on target and the image must stand out.

  • Be consistent
  • Use a range of relevant channels to reach consumers. Some channels you can use are your business website, blog, document sharing sites, social media and others. Where ever possible ensure you have branded the channels with your brand identity so that it is easily identifiable.

    brand image

  • Leverage social media
  • Using social media marketing to promote your brand is a cost effective way to promote your business and will produce powerful brand visibility in the process. Social media allows your customers to develop trust and loyalty in your business because they see what your brand has to offer. With social media sites helping your business to grow its brand campaign, you will see an increase in visibility, trust and profits.

  • Use quality content as a marketing tool
  • Content is still king online and creating quality content that speaks to your audience is a good way of exposing your brand. Leveraging content marketing by repurposing your content into as many formats as you can. This will easily increase business growth and provide value for your customers.

    These simple ways provide you with a good place to start if you think you are not getting enough brand recognition. Do not underestimate the importance of branding and the influence this has when consumers are making purchase decisions

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