9 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Today, technology makes it easy for people to shop or research possible purchases on the internet from the comfort of their sofa. This makes it possible for you to increase the profits in your business. However, to take advantage of the power of the internet and win more customers you must drive a steady flow of traffic to your website, which you might sometimes find challenging.

Here are 9 ways you can drive more traffic to your website and win customers.

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1. Develop a strong internet presence
To drive traffic to your website and sell more products, you need a strong internet presence so that people looking for your product or service can find you.

One way to increase your presence on the internet is to add quality content on a regular basis on your website. Today, content is still king on the internet and adding new informative articles that people can read and gather information they are looking for is a very effective way of driving traffic to your website.

2. Make your website easy to navigate

A big turnoff for visitors when they visit a website is how difficult it is to navigate the site. To ensure visitors to your website stay you must make it easy to navigate so that visitors will want to return, reduce the number of clicks they need to make in order for them to access the information they are looking for. Ensure the navigation bar is highly visible where visitors can easily see it.

3. Use keywords or key phrases in your content to get better search engine ranking

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very popular among business owners who are trying to improve their ranking on the internet. You must try writing each poste with the keywords or key phrases that matches the title so that your website is easy to find. When writing your posts make sure that it is easy to read by the reader, rather than to influence the search engines.

Long-tailed keywords are the words that your prospective customer is likely to put in the search engine to find you. Now you might be wondering what is a long-tailed keyword? Here is a definition from HubSpot “A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words (though some say two or more is considered long-tail). Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. In other words, they’re more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.”

Think of the 3 or more words your potential customer might put in the search engine to find you and include this in your content. Don’t overdo it though as it needs to make sense to the reader.

4. Use social media to build traffic

You can use social media like Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Face Book, and others to reach people. If the content is interesting and compelling you can expect that it will be shared and increasing the online visibility of your business. Post content regularly and consistently on social media sites to win a following. ,p>social media stratford

5. Do some advertising
The internet has a number of ways for you to advertise your business. You can pay Google a fee to use Google Ads and they will place your ad on other websites that are local and relevant to your business. Other places to advertise are Yahoo, Bing, and Microsoft. Don’t forget Facebook some advertisers have had great results from using this platform to promote their products and services.

6. Make sure your website page loads quickly
Buyers looking for your business can sometimes get impatient if the page takes too long to load, you only have a few seconds. To drive steady traffic to your website you should ensure your website can be fund quickly and once it is found it loads quickly.

7. Syndicate your blogs on other websites

Blogging on other websites is an ideal way to attract people to your website and sell your product or service. You can write compelling posts, place them on reputable sites like medium.com so that people can see them and know what you are about.

This tactic can bring lots of exposure to your brand. A great place to post content on is LinkedIn. However, you should not employ spam tactics when you are guest blogging as this method can result in stiff penalties against you.

8. Allow others to do guest blogging on your website

Not only should you blog on sites on the internet, but you should allow other bloggers to blog on your website as well as this type of exchange has proven very effective. Try to maintain a good website with quality written posts because Google will not promote low quality posts.

Using guest bloggers with content relevant to your audience serves 2 purposes 1) Your provide unique content for your audience 2) It also frees up your time to do other activities in your business.

9. Get into e-mail marketing

A traditional method to attract customers is to do e-mail marketing. A few e-mails sent to the right people can boost your site visitors. Your emails can have a teaser line or two, but in order to read the rest of the content they have to visit your website to read the rest of the content.

The headline needs to be compelling if it is going to be opened. Follow the 80/20 rule in your emails. That is 80% value and 20% promotional. In your promotional emails highlight the benefits of your product and service.
Driving traffic to your site will take time but will eventually produce results.

However, once you get the hang of it, your business will get good exposure, which will result in increase of profits.
If you need help with any of these strategies contact me here to arrange a Marketing Health Check.

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