Why Building Relationships Are the Key to Business Success

Business is about relationship building.

Success in business starts with good relationships with those around you.

“genuine business relationships – the kind that will lead to long-term friendships, personal growth, and (just maybe) sales for your company. Forbes 2014

This is about connecting with the people around you in a friendly and trustworthy manner. If you are going to operate a business and make a success of it this matters.

You know what direction you want your business to go, but how you get there is another matter. Most opportunities in business comes from the people in our network. Self-made millionaires like Richard Branson or Lord Sugar did not do it on their own.

They had some very good opportunities come their way by having some great contacts. They know that everyone that helps is their business team.

In order to build your network you need to build relationships with:-
• Prospects
• Clients
• Suppliers
• Partners

This is not an exhaustive list and you will build and develop the different relationships in your network as your business develops.

To develop good relationships, it must be built on trust. The model below shows 5 elements that contribute to building trust.

Trust Cycle

The real fun of business is that you meet a lot of great people along the way. Everyone you meet has a wealth of experience that is invaluable. You may be asking the question how do you build these relationships?

1. Establish a Trusting Relationship
2. Agree on Mutual Expectations
3. Show Genuine Appreciation
4. Challenge Unhelpful Behaviour
5. Build on These Relationships for the Future

Now more than ever relationships and networking happens in real time. Phenomenal growth in your business has a lot to do with the relationships you build with customers, vendors, and strategic alliances.
There are 3 elements to the relationship building process
a) Discovering more relationships that can generate referrals
b) Nurturing more relationships from the past and present. Improve communication and service. Develop understand with those in your network including past and present customers. It is important that you also explore any barriers that can get in the way of developing a good relationship.
c) Create more relationships through networking, sharing and thought leadership

Creative ideas can emerge when you interact with clients, vendors and other people. A lot of times the synergy from conversations or comments can change your business. Live and learn can be applied to business.

Involvement is the key word in any business. Obligation is not the same as a social connection that stresses the importance of relationships. Aspiring to profit from a business is not always the same as succeeding in business. That means the value you bring to your relationships has a paramount impact on your business. People who are passionate about what they do are usually the most generous with sharing their expertise

The ability to partner with your customer, distributors, vendors, and other businesses is what will help make your business a success. The knowledge you add to your service and communicate to your customers is what makes a long-lasting relationship.

Success in any aspect of business is about working with the people that are there. No one does it alone, only by connecting with others can you expect to reach your goal. People you meet can work as mentors by offering help, guidance and opportunities to grow your business. This is your business team that will help you to reach your goal.
Let people enrich your life and transform your business.

successful business relationships

Consumer connectivity both literally and figuratively creates a strong brand for your business. You build one person at a time until you have enough connections to forge an identity. Create, collaborate and share in a wide variety of ways your business, yourself, and your knowledge. It is always good to remember you are part of a business and social community that are drawn together for survival.

There is a new breed of businesses that really count on both the interactive and traditional. Remember the web is a community of businesses connected through links, affiliations, and testimonials. The web is a growing success because of its interconnections. This media has one important message that delivering to, and reaching a wide audience is the way to nurture a business. Relationships are the key to unlocking a treasure trove of support and access to resources.

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