The Simplest Ways to Make The Best of Emails

A lot of business owners who have managed to create a database of existing and event potential customers eventually run into the problem of not knowing what to write about.

If you have ever run into that issue, then perhaps this blog post can help. Here we’ll go over four kinds of emails that you can use over and over again. In fact, if you just rotate between these four kinds of emails, you will be surprised at the difference it makes to your business!

Here are four types of emails that your readers will never grow tired of.

1 – The Postbag, aka The Q&A

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The postbag is basically when users email you questions and you answer those questions. You pull their questions out of a “postbag.”

Using just this one technique, American dating guru David DeAngelo built a $20 million a year infomarketing business. About 80% of his emails were just him answering customer questions.

Now as a local business you may not be thinking about creating an information marketing business, but you can still use this strategy to get content for your emails and to become a great resource for your customers.

For example, if you run a restaurant someone may ask about one of your recipes they want to try at home. Could you answer their question and become their hero? Imagine what that could do for your business?

If you don’t have subscribers emailing you questions yet, hop on to Facebook groups related to your business and get a few questions from there. Answer these questions in your mailing list and encourage others to ask questions as well.

If you’re answering relevant questions that others want to hear the answers to, your readers will never grow tired of these emails.

2 – The Personal Story (With a Lesson)
This is a great way for your subscribers to get to know you better and connect with you emotionally, while getting a lot of value out of your mailing.

Tell them a personal story. Make it emotional and make sure it has energy to it. Tie in a “moral” or a lesson relevant to your business or market.

For example, if you run a hair salon, you might tell the story of how you lost a lot of money in a short period of time. Then, break it down into what you did wrong and turn the story into a lesson and how the experience helped improve your business.

If you ever have trouble coming up with topics, just take out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming for relevant stories that have happened in your life.

3 – The How To
This is a fundamental blog post template. Basically, you teach your users how to do something.

Once you’ve owned a list for a while, you’ll probably run into the problem of having talked about almost everything relevant to your business. If you do run into that issue, try sending a “how to” email that’s related, but not necessarily directly related to your business. Could you talk about a complimentary business?

If you are a restaurant you could talk about planning an event for example. If you run a beauty salon you could talk about “How to Take Care of Your Hair in the Winter Months”
If you think a little bit outside the box with your how to topics, the possibilities are endless.

4 – Publish a Weekly Email Newsletter
Lots of businesses publish physical newsletters… and many even do electronic mail newsletters.
But is it worth your time to have to think up things to write and collect email addresses?

Here are 3 reasons why you may want to publish a newsletter:-

1. Establish yourself as a valuable resource:-
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By sending a weekly newsletter with useful tips, your customers will be reminded that your products and services are great! Rather than selling, you are giving them interesting tidbits, how-to tips, and injecting your business voice and brand.

2. Find out what your most valuable customers like, want and need:-
By encouraging responses to your emails… don’t worry, not everyone will take you up on it…you’ll hear from your most responsive customers. By listening to them, you solidify their bond with you.

3. Amazing for repeat business:-
You’ll also find that these hyper-responsive customers will be the most likely to buy your products…and lots of it. A newsletter serves as a reminder for your customers to come back in for another visit.

But this is KEY:-
This newsletter is for relationship-building and providing specific valuable information to your customer. Not for selling. Get that right, and your business will lower advertising costs, all the while earning more from loyal repeat customers!

These are four email topics that you can use over, and over again without your subscribers getting bored with them. They never get old, because the actual content is always evergreen

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